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Happy 5th Birthday Toby Chan!

The Birthday Boy!

Cutting into one of the most moist Chocolate Cakes ever :3

Followed by The Worst Photoshop ever! XD

Left to right: Maddy (second cousin), Mr. T, Jennifer (best friend), Rylie (second cousin)
I have only now noticed the Pink-Blue-Pink-Blue!


After attacking an Avocado Hand Roll & a Watermelon Crush from Boost.

Toby playing...

Diego is Dora the Explorer's cousin.

Toby: What's wrong Diego?
Diego: I lost all my animals!
T: What happened?
D: They all blowed up!
T: Don't worry, it's just a game. *pats*

I was going to write "playing make believe" but I had a horrible Show Boat flash back... *twitch*

Sleepy One...

My Toby has the most beautiful smile a Toby has ever had. :)
I just went in to pull his pj's over his tummy and pull up the blankets and hos eyes fluttered a little and he smiled at me, one corner and then the other, and rolled over saying "Thank-you Mum."
Best moment ever!

Toby Chan is Win...

I introduced Toby to the simple yet fantastically fun world of felt today. ^__^
Finally found a Riot that could provide not just the felt sheets but the shapes with no sticky back to them, so I grabbed some farm animals and he choose a red sheet and when we came home we busted them open.
He was very pleased with how even if you lift the sheet up all the animals stay stuck with out any glue! Then came all the noises and names, the [very] short stories and which is his favourite; it's the white cat because it's naughty and gets into fights. *shrug* He's happy! :D

See you Sunday...

Toby is spending the week with Nanna and Grandpa Wally.
He came into the bedroom on Tuesday and informed Allan and I that "I am going to see Grandpa Wally now! We're going on the train!"
He was quite prepared to leave with out giving us a hug and kiss good bye ^_^' had to make him come back a second time to kiss Allan properly.

Toby has also been practising using mum's wee camera, he is really only impeded by the fact that he is 3 feet tall. :D

Dinner with Toby...

Last night Penny and I took care of Toby and we had yummy food and watched James May's Big Idea's, Star Trek and The Darling Buds of May. There was a bit of a trial during dinner with grabby hands, running awayness and wanting things that are for afters when this happened...

Me: What's the magic word?
Toby: *flail and yellyness*
Me: What's the magic word? It starts with Pl...
Toby: *questioning look followed by massive realisation* POLICE CAR!

May. 5th, 2009

TOBY PEED IN THE TOILET and a little on the seat and the floor but HE PEED IN THE TOILET! ^_^
Then Allan was so excited he walked off to tell Penny and left Toby standing on the lid with his arms stretched out saying "I need help down" after flushing. *rolls eyes at his inability to focus on one thing at a time*


You can't work in photoshop with a child on your lap ;_;

Toby chan...

is currently watching Top Gear and sipping Lapsang Souchong Tea from an old Automobile tea cup. >_<